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Appointment: Call the number on the website, pay, job done. Location: Close to the centre of Ionview and fairly easy to find and there is parking round the back - though due to the weather it was a little treacherous when I was there. Apartment: It is based in what seems to be an old mill house, and is palatial in scale. Inside I felt more like I was in a small business hotel than a lobby. The room I used for my romp with Roxi was clean and well appointed with an en-suite shower and large bed. I'd like more mirrors - though we made good use of the one that was there.

Sexy Brunette Doll-faced Escort Salma

Appointment: Phone booking. Location: Wellesley station is nearest in central Toronto. Apartment: Convenient central location . Went by taxi did not use parking. The place as to be expected is immaculate and the room I was shown too was ensuite. The new location is on a pretty busy road but fortunately you are able to go into the inner door (which shields you from the main road) and then press the buzzer. Cozy and smart apartment with clean bathroom/shower facilities. She had a good selection of men`s toiletries available.

Hot & Glamorous Blonde Escort Model Mira

Appointment: Phone booked Location: Met at Mira’s house in a nice area in Kingsview Village, Toronto. The area is a nice residential area nice and safe. The house was clean didn't see much of it was lead straight to the bedroom. I declined the offer. When given the location of her house it’s very easy to find. There is parking on street parking nearby. The entrance to the house is nice and discreet felt safe walking up to the door. Apartment: Clean tidy house.

Pretty and Petite Escort Girl Victoria

Appointment: Emails and texting then a quick chat on the blower Location: Toronto. Apartment: My fourth of what are now monthly visits to Victoria's clean, comfortable flat in Riverdale, Toronto. It is easy to find thanks to Victoria's excellent directions and the fact that on my first visit she considerately rang and "talked me in" for the ten minute walk from the local bus station (I don't drive). There is no problem in terms of being observed entering or leaving etc as it is a normal, residential area with normal comings and goings (no pun intended).

Long Haired Canadian Escort Charlie

Appointment: I rang up about 11:30 and asked for a booking with Charlie. I was surprised to be offered my choice of time - when I was there on a previous Sunday (Charlie's regular day), she had bookings throughout the day, but this Saturday she seemed pretty free. Location: Quiet wide street off Miliken station, plenty of parking. Is a black and grey painted house next to an Indian restaurant. Walk round the back to be buzzed in by an entryphone.

Brunette Busty Escort Model Rox

Appointment: Text messages. Location: Toronto. Apartment: Clean and tidy.

Young and Pretty Canadian Escort Rosalie

Appointment: Booked over the phone, were very good and gave me a follow up text message and en email with directions. Location: Ionview Toronto, Canada.

Black Haired Sexy Escort Delta

Appointment: Phone. Location: Vancouver, Canada. Apartment: Small flat near busy road. Powerful shower! Was a great little place, good and clean, nicely done up.

Glamorous Escort Babe Peony

Appointment: Tour booking so all in advance and paid up using my card over the phone with emailed receipt. Location: Very safe and discreet easy parking just outside town centre in Don MIlls, Toronto Canada.

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Appointment: Booked over the phone with my usual contact. Location: Near York on the YUS tube line Toronto. Apartment: Nicely decorated, warm and cosy, the place is not big, but she has utilized the space well.