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Appointment: Phone. Location: Vancouver, Canada. Apartment: Small flat near busy road. Powerful shower! Was a great little place, good and clean, nicely done up.

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Appointment: Tour booking so all in advance and paid up using my card over the phone with emailed receipt. Location: Very safe and discreet easy parking just outside town centre in Don MIlls, Toronto Canada.

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Appointment: Booked over the phone with my usual contact. Location: Near York on the YUS tube line Toronto. Apartment: Nicely decorated, warm and cosy, the place is not big, but she has utilized the space well.

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Appointment: Internet booking. Location: Near Pearson airport, Toronto.

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Appointment: I wanted to book Pamela but she was not available at the time I wanted, I was recommended Kim, this turned out to be the best thing that could happen. Location: Kim has a studio flat in a new block south of the river in Toronto. Nice clean safe area, no problems. Very easy to find, it was maybe a 10 min walk from the station which I cant remember the name of for the life of me, I want to say Don MIlls but that’s not right, I think it was King something, anyway it was easy to find and public transport is really good.

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Appointment: She had a mobile number that I texted and we exchanged a few texts at first, which got raunchier and then after a few more I made my booking, sorted out dates and times and what we could do together, she said I could call her if I wanted but I didn’t both, happy to text.

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Appointment: I had first sent an email and then she called me back, had a good chat on the phone, she seemed confident and knew what to do and how these things go, so I made my appointment and paid over the phone with her. Nice and chatty. Location: At the end of the district line, I think I was near Queen Station? I drove anyway, plenty of parking.

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Appointment: You can book it all online if you want, log into your account and open the calendar and see what her availability is, then you can select your appointment and pay online if you want, all nice and easy.

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Appointment: Booked via e-mail. Location: I was given very good directions, parking was easy loads! Only a small walk from the train station. Apartment: Easy access and discrete entrance to building. Lovely apartment, very clean, and out of the way, all facilities were available shower etc on arrival.

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Appointment: I had been making enquiries about her for a long times and had heard good reports so I called them up and couldn’t have my first appointment so made another one which was fine. Location: Above the new shopping arcade and supermarket in town.